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Requirements for Commercial Pool Work

Expert Pool Work, Inc. is industry-trained, experienced, and equipped, to service and repair commercial pools in Omaha and the surrounding areas. 

We are also a Registered Contractor in the State of Nebraska, approved by the State for all commercial pool work.

When you are seeking a qualified pool company to service or repair A COMMERCIAL POOL, you need to make sure they can handle all of the pre-requisites before they even start the work; of course, you also need to make sure that they can successfully complete the work in a professional and timely manner.

When you are considering a pool company, the first thing you need to do is make sure that they not only have General Liability insurance, but that their insurance policy covers commercial pool work. And if they have employees, you need to make sure that their policy also contains a Worker's Compensation endorsement. We have General Liability insurance - and it does cover commercial pool work - and its amounts often exceed what commercial properties require. We have employees - we have a crew for services and another crew for repairs and related work - so we do have the required Worker's Compensation endorsement with our policy. We will provide you with a Certificate of Insurance - as well as a completed From W9 - prior to starting any work. You will find that you will never have to babysit us to handle this simple task.

Additionally - and most importantly - you need to make sure that the pool company that you are considering understands all State and local compliance for pool work in the State of Nebraska. When your pool needs to be repaired, you need to make sure the pool company you hire understand the terms and conditions as set forth in Title 178 NAC4 by the State of Nebraska. For certain repairs, to include replacement of the equipment and/or plumbing, the work must be submitted by an engineer in triplicate to the State, to be approved by the State; to be clear, for these repairs, you must obtain State approval before you proceed with the work. You would be surprised at the number of pool companies in town that have never heard of Title 178 NAC4 or any of its MANY inclusions for commercial pool repairs made in the State of Nebraska. If you hire one of these pool companies for pool work that requires Title 178 NAC4 compliance and therefore State approval yet you and they proceed without State approval, if you get caught, the pool company that did the work only gets a slap-on-the-wrist (a very modest) fine, but you will have to pay all fees AND you may lose your pool operator's permit for at least the year the work was done without obtaining State approval. 

Per the terms and conditions set forth in Title 178 NAC4 by the State of Nebraska, if any of the pool equipment (primarily the pump or filter or sanitizer) and/or any of the plumbing needs to be completely replaced, you have two options:

We can discuss both options with you onsite.

When any piece of pool equipment or when any plumbing run needs to be completely replaced, it should be upgraded to be properly-sized. Please keep in mind that proper sizing not only effects the effectiveness or the efficiency of your circulation and filtration, but it also affects the safety of water flowing to and from the pool. It is always recommended and advised to upgrade to properly-sized equipment and plumbing. But again, properly-sizing the equipment and/or plumbing does require Title 178 NAC4 compliance.

There are MANY other inclusions within the pages of Title 178 NAC4 for commercial pool repairs. It's certainly not rocket-science, but its also not as easy and straightforward as 2+2=4 when attaining compliance. If you hire us - and if the work must comply with Title 178 NAC4 - we oversee everything to ensure that all forms, documentation, filings and fees are submitted on your behalf so that compliance is met prior to starting any work.

Too many residential-based pool companies attempt to bid commercial pool work when they are slow but they don't know what's involved from beginning to end. There is a HUGE difference between BIDDING AND DOING residential pool work as compared to commercial pool work. We are a Registered Contractor in the State of Nebraska, approved for all commercial pool work.

If you are discussing a pool leak or any other type of repair with a pool company or person and they tell you that they are a pool contractor, then ask to see proof of their Nebraska Contractor’s Registration Number. Ours is #33072 as seen on our Certificate. If you want to verify that you're talking to (or doing business with) a Registered Contractor, you can call the Nebraska Department of Labor at 402-471-2239 or visit for inquiries and confirmation.

We are trained, experienced, and equipped for all commercial pool services and repairs. We are also an incorporated, insured, and Registered Contractor with the State of Nebraska. Not only will you feel confident in our skills and abilities to work on your pool, but you will also feel protected knowing that we are legal and compliant while on your property. 

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at at 402-341-8132 or to discuss your commercial pool needs. 



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