Fiberglass Pools

Expert Pool Work, Inc. is industry-trained and experienced to work on most fiberglass pools in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

We offer the following work for fiberglass pools:

  • Leak Detection.
  • Pressure Testing – for skimmers and returns only.
  • Plumbing Repairs – for skimmers and returns only.
  • Re-Engineering the Equipment and Plumbing.
  • Skimmer Replacement and Re-Plumbing.
  • Return Replacement and Re-Plumbing.
  • Tile Repairs or Replacement.
  • Coping Repairs or Replacement.
  • Deck Repairs or Replacement.
  • Winter Safety Covers.


While we are approved to work on all fiberglass pools, we only offer select work, as noted above.

There is just too much liability associated with draining a fiberglass pool, primarily if there are no indicators of proper groundwater evacuation under the pool or proper drainage around the pool.

Therefore, at this time – to include the upcoming 2020 pool season – we will not bid any type of work that requires the fiberglass pool to be completely drained and empty. For example, we will not bid any work to…

  • repair, replace, or re-plumb the main drain(s).
  • perform any interior or structural repairs. 
  • make any gel-coat repairs.
  • remove any paint (if applicable).
  • re-surface with epoxy.

If you need to drain the pool completely to have work done, then contact a pool company that specializes solely in fiberglass pool work. If you cannot find a pool company, then contact a specialized fiberglass company.

It is always best to contact a pool company and get their advice when you want to drain your pool. But this is imperative if you have a fiberglass pool. Always make sure to call a pool company that specializes solely in fiberglass pools PRIOR to draining that pool.

Call us at 402-341-8132 or sent us an email to or submit a short form to discuss your fiberglass pool and schedule free onsite consultation.