About Us

Expert Pool Work, Inc. is more than a mere pool company in Omaha. We are pool professionals…experts really. And we want to let you know about us. We are:

  • qualified to fix pools that need to be fixed and improve pools when improvements are desired.
  • a recognized business entity by the State of Nebraska, incorporated since 1999 and operating as an S-Corporation.
  • a Registered Contractor in the State of Nebraska, approved for all swimming pool work.
  • industry-trained, experienced, and equipped to work on your pool.

We stress quality workmanship and long-term solutions to your current problem(s). And, we provide actual customer service and real communication…you’ll see. We are also reliable. We show up to work.

Additionally, our business is insured. Prior to hiring us, feel free to ask for a copy of our Certificate of Insurance (COI).

Not only will you feel confident in our skills and qualifications to work on your pool, but you’ll also feel protected knowing that we are legal and compliant while on your property.

About the owner:

My name is Mike Loftus and not only am I the owner of this company, but I am also actively and physically involved with all pool work. I’m not going to sell you on the merits of my company and then be an absentee-owner, which is way too common in this market. You will see that I am very involved in and with my business. I will be on your jobsite, ensuring that we get your work done and get your pool back into service.

There are so many pool companies in town that send a “crew” of untrained, inexperienced, and overwhelmed high school and college kids to work on your pool. This does not work because there is no leadership or guidance. And too often there is nobody onsite that knows what they’re doing. The work never gets done. And if it does, it takes all summer. I won’t do that to you. I will lead, guide, and do. We’ll get the job done and get your pool back into service.

My business model has always been to give all of me to part of this market rather than part of me to all of this market. We specialize. We can’t always help you, but when you need our services, we are very good at what we do – fixing pools that need to be fixed and improving pools when improvements are desired.

Contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or info@expertpoolwork.com to discuss your pool or submit a short form to schedule free onsite consultation.

Or you can call or text me directly at 402-250-8100 or send me an email to mloftus@expertpoolwork.com to discuss your pool.


Mike Loftus – Owner
Expert Pool Work, Inc.