Expert Pool Work, Inc.

A pool company in Omaha since 1999



Does your pool leak? We find and fix pool leaks.

Does your pool need to be repaired? We repair pools.

Does your pool need improvements? We improve pools.


Do you need pool work? These are our core company services:


We have the best equipment. We have industry and manufacturer-specific training. And we have experience. We are the pool leak experts in Omaha. READ MORE


Whether you need a quick fix or you have a serious problem, we are trained and experienced for all pool repairs. We are the pool repair experts in Omaha. READ MORE


While the products, methods and applications do differ by pool type, we are trained and experienced for all pool resurfacing solutions and optionsREAD MORE


As time passes and your old pool begins to show its age, we offer pool renovations to revive it and make it like new again. READ MORE


Whether you want a few subtle changes or you want to change everything, we offer pool remodels for a different design and layout. READ MORE


If your pool has been out of service, is not being used, and is seemingly unfixable, we offer pool restorations to get it back into service. READ MORE


With correct pool engineering, we can help you maintain pristine water clarity with less chemicals and less energy-consumption, saving you money. READ MORE


Do you need pool work? This is our company statement:

Since 1999 we have gotten the job done accurately, in time and under budget. We are professional and reliable. We are trained and experienced. And we provide quality workmanship with long-term solutions. Just as important, we truly understand the importance of customer service and communication…you shall see. Let us prove we’re the pool company for you.

How can we help you?

Call us at 402-341-8132 or send us an email to info@expertpoolwork.com or submit a short from to discuss your pool and schedule free onsite consultation today.