Your painted concrete pool will have to be sandblasted

A sandblast is a method to remove paint layers from a painted concrete pool.

It is very common to re-paint a concrete pool over and over again. As more and more paint is applied, though, the adhering characteristics of the paint diminishes with each application. At some point, then, there will be too many layers of paint. When this occurs, the paint will have to be completely sandblasted and fully removed from the concrete shell. The following will list the maximum number of paint layers you want on your concrete pool:

  • 2-3 layers of epoxy.
  • 4-5 layers of rubber-based paint:
    • chlorinated rubber
    • synthetic rubber
  • 5-6 layers of water-based paint

Any number of layers over these recommendations is wasting your money. This is also improperly waterproofing your pool, which can lead to problems, which will cost you more money. When you’ve reached the maximum number of layers – and certainly if you’ve eclipsed these numbers – then opt for a sandblast to start over.

We can just sandblast for you or we can sandblast then re-surface your entire pool.

When we bid a sandblast and re-surface, we recommend using a top-of-the-line dual-application 2-part polyamide epoxy system to re-surface the pool.

It is also common for a pool to be improperly prepped prior to painting it. An improper prep will cause an improper paint job. When this occurs, even if you have not reached the maximum number of layers, the paint will have to be completely sandblasted and fully removed from the concrete shell.

Alternatives to pool sandblasting:

There may be times when sandblasting is too much for compromised pool shell. If this is the case, we can use two options:

  • If your pool is painted with water-based or rubber-based paint, we can apply stripper to a large section then water-blast that section. This process repeats for the entire pool. The last remnants can then be grinded to be removed.
  • If your pool is waterproofed with epoxy, we can grind to remove the epoxy. This is a bit more time consuming than sandblasting, but it will best protect, and even improve, a compromised pool shell.

Whether we use traditional sandblasting, derivates of sandblasting, or alternatives to sandblasting, we will remove the paint.

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