There are varying levels of pool automation systems

Automation will turn pool equipment on or off when programmed; it will take control of the on/off switch of all of the pool equipment that is wired to the automation system…it really is a glorified system of programmable time clocks to control pool operations and maintenance tasks.

Automation can be very basic controlling just a single piece of pool equipment or it can be very sophisticated to control the entire pool…and even the entire backyard if you want.

Automation will allow your equipment to operate much more energy-efficiently and it will extend the life of that piece of equipment. It will also make pool maintenance much easier and much less time-consuming.

Any mechanical piece of pool equipment that has an on/off switch, such as the main pool pump, a pool heater, the power center for a salt generator, pool lighting, a booster pump for a pressure-side automatic pool cleaner, a dedicated recirculation pump for water features, or any other mechanical piece of pool equipment with an on/off switch can be wired into an automation system and then programmed when to turn on and when to turn off each day.

Most manufacturers offer various levels of automation, with basic systems, mid-level systems, and then all-inclusive advanced systems.

  • If your pool equipment is pretty basic, but you want to control some or all of that basic equipment, then you will need to determine if it is more cost-effective for you to use a single timer, a dual timer, or an entry-level basic automation system.
  • If you want to control multiple pieces of pool equipment and some pool tasks, then a mid-level automation system will meet your needs.
  • If you want to control the entire pool, and even the landscaping and overall backyard, then an all-inclusive advanced automation system (with or without interface options) is available.

While most of the automation will be programmed to control the pool equipment and electrical, it can also control plumbing and water movement (circulation); automated valves can be incorporated and programmed into the automation system to turn water features on and off when desired.

You will also have your choice of where you want the automation system located:

  • the automation system could be a single and simple command center near the pool equipment so that you can physically look at the equipment and control whatever equipment you have automated.
  • the automation system could also include a separate in-house wall-mounted command center so you can also control whatever equipment you have automated from the comfort of your own home; this would be in addition to the main command center near the pool equipment…you would have both command centers.
  • the automation system could even be incorporated with an interface options so that the actual automation can be controlled by your Smart Phone, tablet, laptop, or a desktop computer. With interface options, you can automate and control your pool from home, at the office, while running errands, or wherever you happen to physically be located.
    • for devices, access to Wi-Fi is required.
    • for computers, and internet connection is required.
  • regardless of the number and location of command centers, the automation system can also include a remote control so you can control the equipment while relaxing and lounging poolside.

Video cameras can even be used with the automation system, with up to 4 video feeds (depending on the automated system), which would allow you to see your pool from inside your home, at the office, while vacationing, or wherever you happen to physically be located.

The automation system could even be 100% wireless.

The Automation Age is no longer a peak into the future; it is here…and it is going to get much more sophisticated.

If you have your pump wired to an automation system and you have it programmed to operate the pump 8-10 hours each day, but you cannot keep your water clear, then either program the pump to operate longer each day or remove the pump from the automation entirely and allow the pump to operate independent of the automation system and continuously; do this until you can consistently maintain water chemistry and clarity with an 8-10 hour pump run-time; only after you have proven that you can consistently maintain water chemistry and clarity should you program the automation to operate the pump 8-10 hours per day (or as long as you want/need to operate the pump).

Since there are a few manufacturers of automation systems, and since each manufacturer has a few different models (from very basic systems to very sophisticated systems), you are advised to read, save and file the owner’s manual for the automation system that you have for all of the recommendations and instructions about that automation system, including programming and troubleshooting.

Whether you need to replace and/or upgrade your current automation system or if you are a first time buyer of automation for your pool, we can help you. We offer free onsite consultation so we can see what pool equipment you have and discuss what you want to control so we can determine the best automation system for your needs.

Contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss pool automation or submit a short form to schedule free onsite consultation.

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