The best pool equipment is properly-sized pool equipment

Every pool must at least have a pump and a filter as its pool equipment. You don’t have to spend all that extra money to buy the latest and greatest pool equipment. You simply need to pay fair market value for properly-sized pool equipment.

When “water clarity” is discussed, too much attention is focused on the pool chemicals. The chemicals get sole credit for maintaining water clarity. And they get sole blame when water clarity suffers. The absolute reality, though, is that proper circulation (via the pump) and filtration (via the filter) are the real solution to water clarity.

Most pool owners in this market have a horsepower-driven pump and a sand filter. Unfortunately, too many of you have improperly-sized equipment, namely a pump that is too big (in terms of its horsepower) and a filter that is too small (in terms of its effective filtration area). It’s hard to consistently maintain water clarity with this inferior equipment. Unless, of course, you want to unnecessarily spend a lot of money on chemicals to compensate for your inferior equipment.

Among the smartest money you will ever spend for your pool is to properly-size the equipment (pump and filter). Even smarter money spent, though, is to re-engineer the pool with properly-sized equipment (pump and filter), correct plumbing schematics, and properly-sized plumbing pipes.

The latest and the greatest pool equipment is nice, but properly-sized pool equipment is still the best. We can help you combine the latest and the greatest with proper sizing.

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