Pool Re-Surfacing

While the products, methods and applications do differ by pool type, we are trained and experienced for all pool resurfacing solutions and options.

Periodic pool resurfacing is necessary. The timeframe is contingent on the type of pool. But it is also based on how well (or how poorly) you chemically-treat and maintain your pool.

We offer the following pool resurfacing options based on the type of pool you have:

⇒ Concrete Pools:

We resurface concrete pools. We can either re-paint it or sandblast then resurface it. Concrete pools with too many layers of paint or poor adhesion between layers have to be sandblasted. We recommend resurfacing sandblasted concrete pools with a 2-part epoxy system.

⇒ Hybrid Pools:

We resurface hybrid pools. A hybrid pool has a concrete floor and fiberglass walls. We can either re-paint the concrete floor or sandblast then resurface it. The concrete floor of any hybrid pool with too many layers of paint or poor adhesion between layers has to be sandblasted. We recommend resurfacing the sandblasted concrete floor with a 2-part epoxy system. The fiberglass walls will only need to be resurfaced if there are problems with the gel-coat or if they have previously been painted. We will address resurfacing the fiberglass walls on a case-by-case basis.

⇒ Fiberglass Pools:

We do not resurface one-piece fiberglass pools. There is too much liability associated with draining a one-piece fiberglass pool, primarily if there are no indicators of adequate groundwater evacuation or proper drainage around the pool. You can contact a pool company that specializes solely in fiberglass pools if yours needs to be resurfaced. If you cannot find a pool company, then contact a specialized fiberglass company.

⇒ Vinyl Liner Pools:

We replace liners. The 2020 liner brochures and sample packets are in production. We will receive them by late January or early February for your viewing. But if you want to start looking now, you can visit performancepoolproducts.com/vinyl-liners/in-ground-vinyl-patterns and hydrapools.com/hydra-liners-gallery to look at current (2019) patterns and colors.

When your pool is re-surfaced, its structure will be waterproofed and therefore protected. And it will also revive the pool, so its also a renovation…that’s a bonus.

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