Pool Restorations

If your pool has been out of service, is not being used, and is seemingly unfixable, we offer pool restorations to get it back into service.

Most pool restorations occur when a pool has been out of service and unused for multiple years. It can be restored. You can use that pool again.

The cost of the pool restoration cannot be known until onsite consultation is completed. We have to see the condition of the pool, deck, equipment and pipes. The cost will be contingent upon what works and what does not work as well as what can be salvaged and what cannot be salvaged.

If you can justify the upfront cost, then restore the pool. You will likely have some options. And the pool can actually be restored to be better today than it was when the pool was initially built. Today’s pool are plumbed better, equipped better, more energy-efficient, and easier to maintain.

If you cannot justify the upfront cost, then fill-in the pool. When filling-in a pool, it has to be done so properly. This will avoid future sink-holes and additional settling and/or drainage problems. You cannot continue to just leave the pool as-is, stagnant and dirty. Bacteria and other disease-carrying organisms will fester in and around that pool. This will be unsafe to you and your entire neighborhood. If you opt not to restore the pool, then fill-it in. You can then either landscape or hardscape over the filled-in pool.

Pool Restorations and Leak Detection

If a pool has not been used for multiple years, even if it appears to have been winterized properly, you are advised to pressure test and fully leak detect the pool before you commit to restoring the pool. It is crucial that you know the condition of the underground pipes prior to restoring the pool.

We have restored a few pools – some of them being in really bad shape – and they are all still in service today.

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