Pool Renovations

As time passes and your pool begins to show its age, it can be renovated. If you want to revive your old and dull pool to make it look new and vibrant again, then opt for a renovation. We are trained and experienced for all pool renovations.

A renovation will not change the overall design or layout. But it will certainly revive and refresh your pool.

You can just renovate certain areas…perhaps just one or two areas of the pool need to be revived. Or you can renovate and revive the entire pool.

You can also incorporate the pool deck into an overall renovation.

There are many renovation ideas and options to consider, such as:

  • Resurfacing.
  • Sandblasting then Resurfacing.
  • Re-tiling (if applicable).
  • Coping Overlays or Replacement.
  • Deck Overlays or Replacement.
  • Any Related Pool Work.

Pool Renovations

These are common reasons for a renovation. But any idea or option that revives your pool is a renovation. Whether you have your own specific ideas or you want our advice and input, we can renovate your pool.

While it should go without saying, if your pool leaks or if it has any issues or problems, then be sure to repair what needs to be repaired during the renovation. It doesn’t make sense to renovate a pool that doesn’t work.

Pool Renovation Companies

If you’re online searching for a company to renovate your pool, if you search for “pool companies in omaha” or similar generic local “pool company” searches, you will find quite a few pool companies in town. But you’re not always finding pool companies that can competently and accurately renovate your pool.

We can renovate your pool.

And we also work with a lot of pool companies that simply cannot handle your current need. If you use and trust a company for your seasonal services (such as the opening, weekly maintenance, service calls, and the closing), but that company can’t handle your current need, then don’t let them renovate your pool. We’d be happy to work with you and your trusted pool service company for any renovation you desire.

We are a Registered Contractor with the State of Nebraska, approved for all renovations for any type of pool.

Call us at 402-341-8132 or send us an email to info@expertpoolwork.com or submit a short form to discuss your pool and schedule free onsite consultation