Pool Remodels

Is it time for a change? Whether you want a few subtle changes or you want to change everything, we offer pool remodels for a different design and layout.

When considering pool remodel concepts and ideas, you have options. We can work with you to make sure you get what you want and stay within your budget.

You can remodel just certain areas. Perhaps just one or two aspects of the pool need to be changed.

You can remodel the entire pool. If the pool is as originally built, you can change the entire pool.

You can even incorporate the decking, landscaping, and entire backyard into the overall remodel project.

Please be advised that if your pool leaks or has any issues or problems, then be sure to address and fix what needs to be fixed during the remodel. It doesn’t make sense to remodel a pool that doesn’t work.

You can even update the equipment and plumbing during the remodel project. This is especially true if you are removing and replacing the pool deck as part of the remodel. This would allow you to re-engineer the pool too…that’s a bonus.

Pool Remodels

There are a lot of ideas for pool remodels.

Options such as color-changing lights, water features, and color-lit water features are always popular. So too are new tiles (if applicable), coping, and decking.

A raised beam is also trending towards popular…or better yet, a raised beam with built-in color-lit water features.

Hardscapes, such as fire-pits, fire-bowls, and a sitting area around the pool, are also very popular now.

You can even incorporate the landscaping into the overall remodel.

Or, you can transform your total backyard into something new, with the pool just one aspect of the overall remodel.

Whether you have your own specific ideas or you want our advice and input, we can remodel your pool. We can even transform you entire backyard. You have an abundance of options. When you’re ready to hear “Oohs and Aahs” from your family and friends, then its time for some changes.

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