The price of pool work cannot be your only considerations

Too many pool owners are concerned with price. To be fair, price is a factor for every spending decision. I understand that too. So yes, price has to be a factor for your pool, especially when you need work done. But when your pool does need work, do not solely focus on price. As you compare bids, if the pool prices are your only consideration, then buyer beware. Too many people that focus on price inevitably choose the lowest price.

The lowest bid does not guarantee the lowest cost.

When you compare bids, pool prices cannot be the sole consideration. Too often you get what you pay for when the lowest bid is accepted, resulting in delays, excuses, change orders, more delays, more excuses, and an overall poor job.

Other considerations, such as professionalism, honesty, reliability, training, experience, the scope of work, the ability to coordinate the job, the ability to complete the job, the quality of workmanship, likability, customer service and communication must all be considered.

While there are ways to save money – and we can teach you those ways – skimping on pool work or trying to nickel-and-dime someone over pool prices are not valid ways to save money.

The best approach to hire a pool professional

Take advantage of free onsite consultation. Meet pool professionals poolside. Ask them questions. Not just questions about the proposed pool work, but also ask them tough questions about their background, ethics, reliability record, workmanship, ability to coordinate and complete the job, and communication skills.

After the poolside meeting, be clear on your intentions that you want a formal bid. And make sure the bid is not just some hand-written form and a price. Demand a professional bid with a detailed scope of work and then the price for that clearly-defined work.

It doesn’t cost you a penny to meet and assess pool professionals. This gives you the opportunity to determine if they are even a candidate to work on your pool.

It also doesn’t cost you a penny to get their bid. This gives you the information to determine if they understood the request and then provided a solution with a cost for that solution. You can then compare their bid to your other bids. You must make sure they are all directly comparable…not just the price, but also the inclusions for that price.

This is the best approach to hire a pool professional. Once you meet them and receive their bid, you’ll understand how and why their bid is priced where it is priced.

We know price matters. It matters to all of us. So yes, price has to be a criteria. But it cannot be the sole criteria. This is especially true for pool work.

We hope this helps.

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