Know when its time to have your pool liner replaced

A pool liner replacement should be expected every 8-10 years. We’ve seen them trashed in 3 years. But we’ve also seen them last 15 years or more. On average, though, you can expect between 8-10 years from a liner.

The warranty for replacement pool liners is virtually the same. Most liner manufacturers offer at or near a 20-year pro-rated warranty for seam separations. But the actual duration of the warranty period depends on the manufacturer. The liner will be made in sections and then seamed together to become your liner, custom-made for your pool. The warranty is stating that the seams will never fail, rip, or in any way come apart. But, due to sunlight, chemicals, aging, daily use and annual wear-and-tear, most pool liners begin to lose pliability, elasticity, and overall strength in about 8-10 years, on average.

You can help extend the life of your liner with proper water chemistry and regular maintenance.

The liner

All liners are made using precision cutting and seaming methods. This ensures a perfect fit. All liners are made from 100% virgin vinyl that is UV-protected and conditioned with antibacterial agents. This will protect them from fading and sun damage as well as help prevent algae growth. And they are available in many attractive patterns, designs, and color schemes. A liner replacement will also revive your pool immediately…that’s a bonus.

While there is a modest up-charge, if you like the tile pattern of a certain liner but the wall/floor pattern of another liner, the manufacturer can make that liner. The cost of this up-charge will depend on the manufacturer, the mix-and-match pattern you choose, and the size of your pool.

We hope this helps.

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We replace liners

We use precise measuring techniques to ensure a perfect fit. And we work with the most recognized liner manufacturers. We handle the entire job. This includes removal of the old liner, all prep work, new gaskets, and installation of the new liner, new faceplates and hardware. This also includes registering the warranty for the new liner with the manufacturer.

The 2020 liner brochures and sample packets are in production. We will receive them by late mid-to-late February for your viewing. But if you want to start looking now, you can visit Performance Pools (a division of Latham) and also Hydra Pools to view their liners online.

Call us at 402-341-8132 or send us an email to or submit a short form to discuss your pool and schedule free onsite consultation.