Pool Leak Detection

Never allow your pool to leak. When it does, the water loss will soon become the least of your problems. Let us find and fix your leak before it causes any type of structural damage. We have the best equipment. We are industry and manufacturer trained. And we have a lot of experience. We are the pool leak experts in Omaha.

We upgraded all of our pressure testing equipment, underground pipe locators, electronic listening devices, underwater microphones, and cameras. We also completed with honors some additional upper-level training courses solely for leak detection.

If your pool leaks, we can find it. And we don’t just find them…we fix them too. We are the one-stop shop for leak detection and repairs for any inground pool.

Never allow your pool to leak

Don’t try to get by for “just one more year” with a leak. The problem will get worse…likely much worse. 

A pool must sit on solid ground. But, the ground is severely compromised and weakened when a pool leaks. Some examples are:

  • heightened amounts of ground water accumulation under and around the pool.
  • excessive soil saturation and perpetually wet soil under and around the pool.
  • The real potential for soil decomposition, erosion, and undermining under and around the pool.

These are real problems UNDER AND AROUND YOUR POOL. These problems also get worse and worse the longer the pool leaks.

And what’s worse is that any of these problems can – and too often will – lead to major problems to the actual pool structure as well as the underground plumbing and/or the decking around the pool. And when these problems occur, the cost for their repairs will be more expensive than the initial cost would have been to find and fix the leak when it was first noticed.

I cannot even tell you how many pool owners have spent significant money on extensive and expensive repairs because they neglected their pool leak. Literally all of them would have paid less money AND had less down-time had they just had the leak located and eliminated when it was first noticed.

Here are two blog entries about pool leaks:

We are the pool leak experts in town. In fact, many pool companies refer their customers to call us when they have a pool leak. If the pool companies trust us, so can you. We can locate your leak. We can then submit a bid to make the required repairs to eliminate that leak. We are the one-stop shop to find, fix, and stop leaks.

Call us at 402-341-8132 or send us an email to info@expertpoolwork.com or submit a short form to discuss your pool leak and schedule free onsite leak consultation.