Keep a chronological file of all pool documents

You should create a pool file specifically for the pool. Literally, just for the pool. And it should be refreshed and updated annually.

In your pool file, you should have tabs for Pool Supplies, Pool Equipment, and Pool Work. his will help you organize your pool and understand your spending.

Pool Supplies

In the Pool Supplies tab, save and file invoices and receipts for pool supplies and accessories. Some examples are chemicals (which will be a main inclusion), safety equipment, maintenance equipment, parts and pieces, toys, games, floats, loungers, and any other pool products and accessories.

Pool Equipment

In the Pool Equipment tab, save and file invoices and receipts for pool equipment replacements, upgrades, or add-ons. Also save and file current owners manual for every piece of equipment. If equipment was replaced, then discard the old owners manual and keep only the current owners manual.

Pool Work

In the Pool Work tab, save and file work orders (also called service call reports), maintenance reports, leak detection reports, bids, contracts, change orders to contacts, invoices and receipts, and any other documentation that was provided for any service call, contracted job, services rendered, or any other work that was done to your pool. Try to save the documentation in chronological order. This tab is an ongoing tab…it will show your work history. Also save and file any current and valid warranties (if applicable). When a warranty expires, then discard that warranty information.

Your Pool File

By saving the invoices and receipts, you can use them to help create and revise your pool-only budget.

The tabs are annual tabs. Clear them out and start over each year. At the end of each year, paper-clip all documentation for that year in chronological order so that it stays together and organized and then save and file this in a separate folder noted for that calendar year.

By saving and filing a history for your pool – at least the work history – this will make for a smooth transaction should you ever sell your house (and its pool).

We hope this helps.

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We can help you create a pool-only file.

We are hopeful that our national website will be released later during the 2021 pool season. The Pool Files inclusion will be one feature of the website. This will be a combination of an interactive database for you to upload and share files about your pool as well as a tangible organizer for you to save and file pool-only documents.

Additionally, if you need pool work, we can help. And we will provide you with all documentation of that work for you to save and file, to include the bid, contract, warranties, and any other documentation that accompanies the pool work.

Call us at 402-341-8132 or send us an email to or submit a short form to discuss your pool and schedule free onsite consultation.