The best pool equipment is properly-sized equipment

Every pool must at least have a pump and a filter. But way to many of you have the wrong pump and/or filter. If you want the best chance to maintain clean and clear water, while saving money on energy-consumption – and even chemicals – then you must have properly-sized pool equipment.

Incorrect Equipment

Most pool owners in this market have a horsepower-driven pump and a sand filter. Unfortunately, way too many of you have an improperly-sized pump and filter system. The pump is often too big (in terms of its horsepower). The filter is often too small (in terms of its effective filtration area). It’s hard to consistently maintain water clarity with this inferior equipment. Unless, of course, you want to unnecessarily spend a lot of money on energy-consumption and chemicals as well as sped a lot more of your precious time on maintenance to compensate for your inferior equipment.

Correct Equipment

Among the smartest money you will ever spend for your pool is to properly-size the equipment (pump and filter). We recommend a variable speed pump and a properly-sized filter (with the type of filter up to you). The latest and the greatest pool equipment is nice, but properly-sized pool equipment is still the best. We can help you combine the latest and the greatest with proper sizing.

Safety and Properly-Sized Equipment

Having properly-sized equipment will make your pool a safer pool. A properly-sized pump will circulate the water at safe speeds and a properly-sized (so a bit over-sized) filter will best filter and clean the water.

If you have additional equipment, it too must be properly-sized to work effectively and efficiently. And to also help make your pool a safer pool.

When you equip your pool, do so with sizing, performance, energy-efficiency, and safety in mind.

We hope this helps.

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We can properly-size your equipment.

We can help you equip your pool. And we can also help re-engineer the pool with a properly-sized equipment, correct plumbing schematics and properly-sized pipes. 

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