Pool Engineering

With correct pool engineering, we can help you maintain pristine water clarity with less chemicals and less energy-consumption, saving you money.

Pool Engineering

This subject matter can be a bit complex. It deals with the plumbing, pump and filter. This is collectively the most important part of your pool. All pool owners love the cool pool stuff. But none of this matters without the right plumbing, pump and filter system.

Incorrect Pool Engineering

Your equipment and plumbing are likely incorrect. For the equipment, the pump is likely over-sized and the filter is likely under-sized. For the plumbing, the diameter of the pipes are likely too small…the skimmers and returns are also likely in the wrong locations.

As a result, you’re spending too much money on chemicals and energy-consumption each year and your pool is still not consistently clear.

When a pool is not engineered correctly, it is not designed to sufficiently move water to and from the pool. Not only does this hinder circulation and filtration, this also hinders chemical distribution throughout the pool. This hinders water clarity. You can certainly keep your pool water clear under these conditions. But it’s going to take a lot more chemicals and maintenance. It’s going to take a lot more energy-consumption. And it will take a lot more of your time.

With correct engineering, we can help you maintain pristine water clarity with less chemicals and less energy-consumption, saving you money.

Correct Pool Engineering

A pool that is correctly engineered has a properly-sized pump and filter system, properly-sized pipes, and proper plumbing schematics. This – not the chemicals – is the real solution for optimal water clarity. Yes, the pool chemicals are responsible for water chemistry and this certainly affects water clarity. But the real solution for optimal water clarity is having a well-engineered pool. 

This will truly help you maintain optimal water clarity with better efficiency, fewer chemicals, and less maintenance.

This will also make your pool safer. When equipment and plumbing are correct, the water moves at a safer (slower) velocity through the pipes.

All pools have a pump, a filter, and plumbing.

But a well-engineered pool has a properly-sized pump (preferably a variable speed pump), a properly-sized filter, and correct plumbing schematics with properly-sized pipe diameters. This is all mathematically based on the specifications and gallons of your pool.

We can design and install this perfectly engineered system for your pool.

If you decide to remove the current pool deck and replace it new, this is the time to re-engineer your pool too. Similarly, if you want to properly engineer your pool, this is the time to remove and replace your pool deck too. We can handle the entire job.

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