Inground Pool Installations

Expert Pool Work, Inc. offers vinyl liner inground pool installations. For the 2021 pool season, we will still only bid to install the smaller-sized rectangle non-diving inground pools.

Vinyl Liner Inground Pool Options

  • ​12 x 24 rectangle pools up to a 5′ maximum depth.
  • 14 x 28 rectangle pools up to a 5′ maximum depth.
  • 16 x 32 rectangle pools up to a 6′ maximum depth.
  • 18 x 36 rectangle pools up to a 6′ maximum depth.

Non-Diving Rectangle Pool Installations

A non-diving rectangle pool is a great pool. But, if you are convinced you need something bigger, deeper, or more of a free-form design, then we have a solid lead for you. But there are a few things we want you to keep in mind. A pool that is bigger, deeper, or more of a free-form design is much more expensive to install as compared to a non-diving rectangle pool. Both the pool kit and the installation have a much higher upfront cost. And, as your pool ages it will need work. When pools are bigger, deeper, or more of a free-form design, the cost for that work is much more expensive as compared to a non-diving rectangle pool.

But we get it…some of you simply want bigger, deeper, and more of a free-form design. If so, we have a solid lead for you.

If any of the above-listed (or comparable-sized) non-diving rectangle pools is the pool for you, then we are the installer for you. We can keep the design and layout simple. Or with accompanying lighting, water features, in-pool seating, coping, radius-designed decking, hardscapes, and other options, we can build your rectangle pool into an oasis of design concepts that will make your pool setting as beautiful as it is practical.

As you become a tenured pool owner – and therefore operator and financier – we promise you that you’re going to value having a “practical” pool.

Inground pool construction is not rocket-science, but there is a science to it…at least to doing it right. If you want a non-diving rectangle vinyl liner pool, we will build it correctly in a professional and timely manner. And we will do so within your budget.

Call us at 402-341-8132 or send us an email to or submit a short form to discuss your new pool and schedule free onsite consultation.

Here is some alarming information about new pool installations

Our core business offering is to repairs existing inground pools. We have had to work on many inground pools that were built just a few years prior. This should not happen. But it does, and more often than you can imagine. The main reason is that the pool was improperly installed. Many still new pools in Omaha require work just a few years later. The only thing more stressful than paying a pool company in excess of $70,000 (as an arbitrary cost) for a new pool is paying us several thousands of dollars (also as an arbitrary cost) just a few years later to work on that still new pool, all because it was improperly installed.

A lot of the pool builders in town can build a gorgeous website. They clearly have much more flashy websites than ours. But too many of them cannot properly build an inground pool. They’re very good with cameras and galleries on their websites. But they’re not always very good with laser transits, levels, string lines, tape measures, and tools. They’re also not very good with compaction and overall construction technology. To their credit, these companies are great at selling the pool. But to your detriment, too many of them are not very good at installing the pool. Pools that are not level, are out-of-square, lack structural strength, leak, or are otherwise compromised are easy to hide in an image on a website. But they will be noticeable – and problematic – in your backyard.

Here is some promising information about new pool installations

We can help. But to make sure we can continue to complete all projects in a timely manner while still providing unrivaled customer service and communication to all of our clients, we are only bidding to install smaller non-diving rectangle vinyl liner pools. If this pool interests you, we’ll install it correctly.

And we don’t just install them correctly, we also engineer them precisely.

We work on a lot of existing commercial pools. And we have to comply with clearly-written codes and regulations established by the State of Nebraska. We have to meet compliance for the design, strength, structure, waterproofing, equipment, piping, plumbing schematics, flow rates, velocity rates, and sanitizing system for these commercial pools.

It is a strict process to attain State approval to proceed with commercial pool work because they mandate that every detail is correct and precise. We consistently meet approval.

And we will bring this same mindset, planning, and engineering to your new inground pool installation. If this does not impress you now, it would on day-one when you are operating, chemically-treating, maintaining, cleaning, and taking care of your new pool. And it further would in year-ten when your pool is still structurally-sound, watertight, energy-efficient, clean, clear, and safe for all swimmers.

Call us at 402-341-8132 or send us an email to or submit a short form to discuss your new pool and schedule free onsite consultation.