Don’t neglect fiberglass wall problems in a hybrid pool

The fiberglass wall panels of a hybrid pool need to be repaired and restored if there are any blisters, cracks, or delamination. Do not neglect any of these problems. Any long-term neglect of these problems will result in an increased repair cost with longer downtime.

Reasons for fiberglass wall problems in a hybrid pool

The problem is not with the structural fiberglass. The problem is actually with the gel-coating that is baked onto the fiberglass. If you notice any blisters, cracks, or delamination, there are typically two reasons why the gel-coating is compromised:

  1. The gel-coating is simply beginning to fail after years of being in service.
  2. Acidic water, typically due to sustained low levels of pH and/or Alkalinity.

Regardless of the reason, once the gel-coating is compromised, the fiberglass becomes vulnerable. And when the fiberglass is vulnerable, the cost of the repairs will likely increase.


Blisters are pockets of water trapped between the gel-coating and the fiberglass. If blisters are neglected, the water will deteriorate the fiberglass. Eventually, cobalt contamination of the fiberglass will cause the blister to ‘pop’ and result in a structural pool leak. Blister removal and fiberglass re-conditioning can all be done inside the pool. But if a blister ‘pops’ the repair will also have to be done on the backside of the fiberglass walls. And this will require deck removal and excavation, which increase the cost of the repair.


Cracks are simply cracks in the gel-coating. These cracks expose the fiberglass. Crack removal and fiberglass re-conditioning can all be done inside the pool.


Delamination is somewhat rare. It is when the gel-coating is beginning to de-bond and peel away from the fiberglass. If this is the case, then a specialty fiberglass restoration company will likely need to be contacted.

Notes about fiberglass wall problems in a hybrid pool

If you notice delamination, this needs to be repaired now.

But if you notice blisters or cracks, you have time. Don’t neglect them. But also don’t rush into a repair. Wait and make sure the repairs can be made by a pool company that specializes in hybrid pools.

When the fiberglass is being repaired and restored, also re-seal the seams.

We hope this helps.

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We repair and restore the fiberglass wall panels in a hybrid pool.

Whether your hybrid pool has blisters or cracks, we can repair and restore the fiberglass wall panels.

We can also re-seal all of the seams. If you suspect a seam in your hybrid pool is a leak source, we do have leak detection equipment that will confirm this suspicion.

When your hybrid pool needs work, we can handle any interior repair. We can repair the fiberglass walls. We can also repair the concrete floor. Or we can repair, restore, and resurface the entire pool.

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