A pressure test will prove – but not pinpoint – a pool leak in the plumbing

Have you ever called a pool company to report a pool leak and they immediately told you they need to pressure test? Well, a pressure test is not for all pool leaks. A pressure test is merely used to prove or disprove a leak in the plumbing. It will hep determine if a pipe is broken or if there is a bad connection fitting. A pressure test will be a waste of your money if your pool leak is not in the plumbing.

But if the plumbing is suspected to be a leak source, then it’s time to schedule a pressure test.

While a pressure test will determine if a plumbing pipe leaks or does not leak, it will not pinpoint the location of the leak within that plumbing pipe. This is, however, the starting point to begin that process.

Start with a a pressure test:

If we collectively agree a pressure test is needed, the cost starts at $289.00 and could cost more. The actual cost will largely depend on the number of pipes being tested, the diameter of these pipes, and the way the pool is plumbed. 

Other variables that are unique to your pool and its plumbing will be noted to determine the final cost. 

Additionally, if we have to cut-out pipes and valves during the pressure test, then a fee of $89.00 plus the cost of any pipes, fittings, and valves would be added to the cost. We’ll try our best to pressure test with the equipment and piping as-is above the ground. But this is not always possible. If not, we will have to cut-out pipes and valves to set-up and perform the pressure test.

However, we will provide free onsite consultation and some initial leak analysis. This also allows us to listen to you, ask questions, conduct some field tests, and discuss the pool leak. During this initial visit, if a pressure test is needed, we will convey an actual cost.

Follow-up to the pressure test:

If the pressure test does confirm a plumbing leak (or multiple plumbing leaks), then follow-up listening tests would be performed. While it is not always 100% conclusive, a follow-up listening test will pinpoint the (at least proximal) location of the leak source within a pipe that was just proven by a pressure test to be a leak source.

If needed, the cost for a follow-up listening test is $149.00 per hour. We try to – and so far we have always been able to – cap the follow-up listening test at $298.00 max. This gives us two hours to locate the leak source. The clear majority of the time, if a follow-up listening test is needed, we can usually complete this within one hour.

Free onsite consultation and leak analysis:

Again, before any of this is accepted, we will provide a free onsite visit. While onsite, we will discuss potential costs involved for professional leak detection. Take us up on that. And do not commit to a pressure test until some basic information has been processed. This will be a waste of your money if your pool leak is not in the plumbing. Let’s first decide if you have a static leak, a plumbing leak, or both.

Contact Expert Pool Work, Inc.at 402-341-8132 or info@expertpoolwork.com to discuss your pool leak or submit a short form to schedule free onsite leak consultation.

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