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Weekly professional pool maintenance is money well spent

Expert Pool Work, Inc. does offer professional weekly pool maintenance in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

If you are too busy throughout the week to maintain your pool, it would be in your best interest to schedule weekly maintenance throughout the season. Yes, weekly pool maintenance has a cost per week, but that cost could be significantly less than the money you would have to spend on chemicals and/or professional services rendered to clean and clarify your pool, which will be needed if you neglect your pool maintenance requirements. If you cannot totally maintain your pool throughout the week on your own - every week - then weekly maintenance is a really really good idea to help you during the pool season.

But, you cannot rely solely on weekly professional pool maintenance. Water, by nature, is volatile, meaning it does have the potential to change (and perhaps change for the worse). Plus, there are two many variables (such as heat, sunlight, and pool use) that can accelerate the volatile nature of water. Yes, weekly professional pool maintenance will greatly assist you, but once-a-week maintenance cannot be the only maintenance, despite our experience and expertise with this service.

Many of the local pool companies send out a barely-trained high school or college kid to maintain your pool each week. That totally and completely defeats the purpose of weekly PROFESSIONAL pool maintenance. We send an industry-trained, tenured, and certified pool operator - with over 30 years of individual experience - to help maintain your pool. Yes, that's totally worth it.




If you feel that you can maintain your own pool, but you just want us to check in on you, we can offer pool maintenance every other week (or twice per month). We would come every other week (or twice per month) just to check in on you and take care of the pool maintenance while we're there. For twice per month maintenance, the cost would be $190.00 per month with the same inclusions and notes listed above. If you hire us for twice per month maintenance, please know that you will be mostly responsible for maintaining your pool, with us primarily acting as back-up and support; we cannot be expected to deliver anything closely resembling a clean and clear pool if we're there just twice each month...this service is for those of you that are 90% certain you can maintain your own pool but just need us to check in on you and give you a break twice each month.

With weekly maintenance, this does not include opening the pool at the beginning of the season or closing the pool at the end of the season; these separate services have their own rate and inclusions.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to schedule weekly pool maintenance.



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