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The pool tiles can be repaired or they can be removed and replaced

Expert Pool Work, Inc. is industry-trained, experienced, and equipped to repair or replace pool tiles in Omaha and the surrounding areas. 

Most tile jobs are for concrete pools and the majority of them have tiles at the waterline; some concrete pools may even have tiles on the edges of steps and benches or even spanning across the width of the pool floor.

Regardless of the type, style, size, and location of the tiles, if just a few of them are faded, chipped, cracked, loose, hollow, or missing then just the damaged or missing tile(s) can be removed and replaced, where required. Here, you will likely have to have some spare tiles in stock. We work with all of the tile manufacturers - locally and nationally - but many old tiles are obsolete and no longer available for purchase, so if you want the tile pattern and color(s) to match, then hopefully you have some spare tiles in your stock. NOTE: even if you have some spare tiles in your stock, it will not be an exact match as the new tiles will be shiny and the existing tiles on the pool will be weathered; but, at least the pattern and color(s) will match.

If most of the tiles are faded, chipped, cracked, loose, hollow, falling apart, or missing, or if you just want a new look, then all of the tiles can be removed and replaced with new tiles; if you opt to have the pool re-tiled, you can change the type and style of the tiles. Rather than repairing a tile here or replacing a tile there, most of the time, re-tiling the pool is the best option.

The most common part of the pool to re-tile is at the surface of the pool - called waterline tiles. Most waterline tile tracks are 6" tall. But, you do not have to pick a 6" tile; you merely need 6" total, so if your pool has a 6" waterline tile track, you could opt for:

Due to moisture, we will only re-tile a pool with porcelain tiles. Avoid ceramic tiles. Using stone tiles or glass tiles are both certainly approved for swimming pools too, but they can be an expensive tile option...they can be very expensive. Since we live in the Midwest - a winterizing climate - we will make sure the tiles are able to withstand the below-freezing winter temperatures. The various tile manufacturers will either reference these tiles as "frost-resistant" tiles or "frost-approved" tiles; they both mean the same thing - that these tiles can withstand below-freezing winter temperatures.

In this climate, the absolute best tile is the 6x6 navy blue pool tile, which is porcelain and which is approved for frost. This tile is classic and attractive...and it's always readily available. It's also significantly less expensive than the mosaic and decorative tiles. And, it will last longer in this climate than do the mosaic and decorative tiles.

Of course, the tile type, design, pattern and color is always your choice. We have all the current catalogs for your review.


Most pool tiling or re-tiling is for concrete pools. We can repair the current tiles as well as tile or re-tile your concrete pool.

Some hybrid pools and fiberglass pools also have tiles. We can repair these current tiles as well as re-tile these pools too.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss your pool tile needs.



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