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Proper pool plumbing is often - way too often - overlooked

For commercial pools, the plumbing must meet codes for compliance and safety. The same should be true for residential pools. 

Way too many residential pools are improperly plumbed:

The plumbing is the highway for pool water to be circulated (by the pump) to and from the pool and its equipment. When plumbed correctly - and when accompanied by a properly-sized pump - the plumbing will allow for the safe and optimal circulation of water to and from the pool.


Not only does proper plumbing allow for the safe movement of water, but it also:

While pool chemicals are often given sole credit for maintaining optimal water clarity (and sole blame when water clarify suffers), the absolute reality is that proper circulation (via the pump) and filtration (via the filter) are the real solution to maintaining highly sought-after water clarity. But, the pump and filter will only work as intended if the plumbing is also correct (with the proper diameter of plumbing pipe as well as proper schematics). Of course, this is all contingent that the plumbing pipes, pump and filter are all PROPERLY-SIZED to work together, given the number of gallons of water your pool holds.

If you are removing and replacing the entire pool deck (regardless of what is being removed and how it is being replaced), insist that all of the underground plumbing is pressure tested to ensure that it will not leak. The last thing you will want is leaking pipes under a new deck; to be accurate, you do not want leaking pipes under any deck, old or new. If there are leaks in the underground pipes, address them; repair them or re-plumb the pool while the deck is removed so that you don't have to compromise the new deck. Even if the underground pipes do not leak, if they are improperly sized - mainly with a diameter that it too small, which restricts flow rates but increases velocity - then have the pipes replaced and properly-sized. Additionally, even if the underground pipes do not leak, but if they are copper pipes, iron pipes, or poly-pipe, then upgrade them to properly-sized Schedule-40 PVC pipe before having the new deck installed. Whenever you are replacing the deck, this is absolutely the best time to properly size the underground plumbing; the most expensive part of this process is the removal and replacement of the deck, which you are already addressing.

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