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There certainly are ways to simplify pool maintenance

Every pool owner must engage in pool maintenance. You also must have some mandatory maintenance equipment to be successful, to include:

While its not mandatory, you should also have a garden hose operate leaf vacuum. They are great...especially in the fall months, prior to winterizing your pool. Its much easier to set-up and use a leaf vacuum than it is to use the traditional pool vacuum assembly when leaves have settled to the pool floor.

Just by having all of the manual maintenance equipment - and ensuring it's all in good working condition - you will easily be able to maintain your pool.

While the required maintenance will never be the easiest aspect of your daily life as a pool owner, it will be much easier if you have the correct equipment; not just the correct maintenance equipment, but the correct pool equipment. There is no such thing as a maintenance-free pool, but there is equipment that will surely simplify your maintenance requirements.

Every pool must have properly-sized pool equipment (namely the pump and filter). The pump and filter are often collectively known as the equipment since they are both mandatory equipment for any pool; in other words, every pool must at least be equipped with a pump and filter. Overall circulation and filtration are crucial for pool water to be clean and clear; while pool chemicals are often given sole credit for maintaining optimal water clarity (and sole blame when water clarify suffers), the absolute reality is that proper circulation [via the pump] and filtration [via the filter] are the real solution to maintaining highly sought-after water clarity.

All pools have a pump and filter, but most pools do not have a properly-sized pump and filter; too many times, the pump (in terms of its Horsepower) is too big and/or the filter (in terms of its Effective Filtration Area) is too small.

We recommend that you pair a variable speed pump (which is always properly-sized) with a properly-sized (somewhat over-sized) DE filter.

It is not enough to just properly size the pump and filter to work together, based on the number of gallons of water in your pool. The diameter of the plumbing pipes - which are the pathway for circulation and filtration - and the schematics of how those pipes are plumbed are also important. 

While every pool has to have a pump and filter, every pool should also have an automatic sanitizer. As the name states, an automatic sanitizer will automatically send and disperse your chosen sanitizer into the pool for you, which will really help simplify pool maintenance.

There are a number of other good automatic sanitizer options.

If you really want to simplify pool maintenance by lessening the time it takes to vacuum and clean the pool, then you need an automatic pool cleaner. As the name states, an automatic pool cleaner will automatically vacuum - and literally clean - the pool for you. An automatic cleaner really can be categorized as a "must-have" for all pool owners. If you're going to buy an automatic pool cleaner, opt for either a pressure-side cleaner or a robotic cleaner; they are both great, so either one is recommended. While the suction-side cleaners are technically "better than nothing" they aren't that much better; save your money until you can buy a significantly better pressure-side cleaner or a robotic cleaner.

More and more pools are now being controlled by automation. An automation system can be very basic controlling just a few pieces of equipment and/or maintenance tasks or it can be very sophisticated to control the operations of the entire pool (all of its equipment and maintenance tasks), which will really help simplify pool maintenance.

If it's in the budget - and its going to occupy a significant part of the budget, but - an automatic pool cover should cover and protect every pool (and pool owner). Safety is the primary reason for automatic pool covers. Of course, auto covers also provide many ancillary benefits. A major benefit is savings - for water, chemicals, heat, and electricity; the actual Department of Energy took the time to conclude that automatic pool covers do in fact save pool owners money be reducing the amount of water, chemicals, heat, and electricity that are required to operate the pool. Having an automatic pool cover will not only save you money, but it will also save you time; when closed, the cover will keep falling leaves and other wind-blown debris out of the pool, which which will help minimize your maintenance requirements (i.e. netting and possibly vacuuming to remove the leaves and other debris).

There are many ways to simplify pool maintenance.

Properly-sized pool equipment and plumbing, an automatic sanitizer, and an automatic pool cleaner should be owned by every pool owner. And, if its in the budget, an automation system and an automatic pool cover will really help simplify pool maintenance...which will allow you to actually enjoy your pool or relax poolside.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss ways to simplify your pool maintenance requirements.



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