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The pool deck can be repaired or it can be removed and replaced

Expert Pool Work, Inc. is industry-trained, experienced, and equipped to repair or replace concrete pool decks in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

A concrete pool deck can be standard [gray] concrete, colored concrete, or colored and stamped.

If the structure and integrity of the concrete deck is intact with the exception of a few spots that are cracked, then those cracks can be tuck-pointed, prepped, and filled-in with an approved concrete crack filler (which can either be cement-based or caulk-based).

If the structure and integrity of the concrete deck is intact with the exception of a few spots that are severely cracked, settled, sunk, raised, loose, hollow, deteriorating, deteriorated, or otherwise defective, then just those compromised sections of the deck can be removed and replaced. 

If the a lot of - and certainly the majority of - the concrete deck is in bad shape, then it can be totally removed and replaced (often known as tear-out and re-pour). The new concrete pool deck can be re-poured as standard [gray] concrete, colored concrete, or colored and stamped concrete. If you choose colored concrete or colored and stamped concrete, a main color and an accent color can be poured. And, we seal all of our new concrete pool decks at no additional charge. 

Of course, if an entire concrete pool deck is going to be removed and replaced, it does not have to be replaced with can also be replaced with landscape-based decking materials, such as bricks, pavers, flagstone, or other natural stones.

Regardless of what you need for your concrete pool deck, we do have a concrete finisher on staff. And, if the job is too big for our company alone, we work with a large residential concrete company to help with a lot of our major concrete deck jobs. We also work with a mason to hep us if you prefer a landscape-based pool deck.

NOTE: If you are removing and replacing the entire deck (regardless of what is being removed and how it is being replaced), insist that all of the underground plumbing is pressure tested to ensure that it will not leak. The last thing you will want is leaking pipes under a brand new deck; to be accurate, you do not want leaking pipes under any deck, old or new. If there are leaks in the underground pipes, address them; repair them or re-plumb the pool while the deck is removed so that you don't have to compromise the new deck. Even if the underground pipes do not leak, if they are improperly sized - mainly with a diameter that it too small, which restricts flow rates but increases velocity - then have the pipes replaced and properly-sized. Additionally, even if the underground pipes do not leak, but if they are copper pipes, iron pipes, or poly-pipe, then upgrade them to properly-sized Schedule-40 PVC pipe before having the new deck installed. Whenever you are replacing the deck, this is absolutely the best time to properly size the underground pipes as well as the pump and filter. The most expensive part of this process is the removal and replacement of the deck, which you are already addressing.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss your pool deck needs.



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