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The pool coping can be repaired or it can be removed and replaced

Expert Pool Work, Inc. is industry-trained, experienced, and equipped to repair or replace any type of pool coping in Omaha and the surrounding areas. 

The coping is what bonds the top of the pool wall to the pool deck. The types of coping are contingent of the type of pool:

​Regardless of the type of pool and its coping, if just a few sections of the coping are compromised (damaged or missing), then just the damaged or missing section(s) of the coping can be repaired or replaced, wherever required:

However, if most of the coping - whether it be brick, stone, flagstone, poured concrete, aluminum, plastic, or any other type of coping - is compromised (damaged or missing), or if you just want a new look, all of the coping can be removed and replaced with new coping. When all of the coping is completely replaced, you can certainly change to type and style of coping.

We can also caulk the gap between the coping and the deck around the perimeter of the pool to prevent water from penetrating the backside pool sidewalls.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss your pool coping needs.



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