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There is nothing routine about pool care and maintenance

Do not believe claims for a "maintenance-free" pool. While pools can surely now be equipped to reduce maintenance requirements and tasks, a pool will always require some care and maintenance. While there are a few variables that constitute overall pool care, the best way to care for your pool is to maintain your the pool. And the best way to maintain your pool is to Heengage in what the industry calls a routine pool maintenance schedule. The industry isn't wrong, but let it be clear that there is nothing routine about a pool maintenance schedule.

Many pool professionals will advise you to “do this daily” or “do that weekly” when they teach about pool maintenance, which almost compels their clients to pick – and stick with – a specific day of the week to do something. The bottom line is that if your pool needs a task completed to maintain its water clarity and cleanliness, then do that task, regardless of when it was last done. In other words, if your pool needs to be vacuumed on a Thursday, do not wait until Sunday to vacuum the pool just because that is the day you arbitrarily chose. We understand that the term routine insinuates consistency, but with pools, the only thing that is consistent is change. Water is volatile in nature, which means it can change – in terms of chemistry or clarity – without notice, so you must engage in a routine maintenance schedule without locking yourself into “doing this daily” or “doing that weekly” throughout the entire pool season. Do it consistently - do it routinely - but but don't always do it the same day each and every week for the entire pool season.

It is important to remember too that the climate (temperature, humidity, sunlight, rain, and wind) here as well as your personal and individualized pool use will play a role in your water chemistry and clarity, therefore, you will need to adjust your routine maintenance schedule to compensate for the current weather conditions and your individualized pool use.

The main point to remember is not to engage in a routine maintenance schedule as dictated by the calendar; rather, engage in a routine maintenance schedule as dictated by the current condition of your pool; and, be able to adjust your schedule when needed.

If you are too busy with your daily life and simply do not have time to maintain your pool, we do offer various weekly pool maintenance packages in Omaha, Lincoln, and the surrounding areas.

We offer:

Its not a question of competency; its a question of time. If you don't have time to maintain your pool, then have it professionally maintained.

If you have the time to maintain you own pool, the following information is a general - but should be a very very helpful - overview about pool maintenance:

While this may seem like a lot, it's really not. And, if followed, you will have a much easier time maintaining your pool, which will allow you more time to actually enjoy your pool.

Be proactive rather than reactive. Just remember that it is always much easier, much less time-consuming, and much less expensive to prevent problems than it is to treat problems.

You can help take care of your pool by simply maintaining your pool; if you need help with pool care and maintenance, we do offer weekly pool maintenance.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss pool care and maintenance.



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