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Every pool should be covered by an automatic pool cover

While an automatic pool cover - often called an auto cover - is expensive upfront, this upfront cost is easy to justify; the upfront cost is an investment, not an expense. If you have an existing pool without an auto cover, one can likely be installed...and is highly recommended.

An auto cover is so much more than a mere pool cover; there are many benefits of owning an auto cover, such as:

There are three primary options for automatic pool covers:

A manual auto cover is hand-cranked. Some upgraded manual auto covers do include a cordless drill that you can use to cover and uncover the pool, but even these upgraded manual auto covers are not worth the money; if you're going to get an automatic pool cover, then get an AUTOMATIC pool cover.

An electric auto cover uses an electric motor with a separate on/off (open/close) switch to cover and uncover the pool.

A hydraulic-drive auto cover uses a hydraulic motor (filled with hydraulic fluid), hydraulic hoses, and an on/off (open/close) switch to cover and uncover the pool. 

If you are considering a new automatic pool cover, we offer free onsite consultation to help you determine which is the best auto cove for you.

Regardless if you opt for electric or hydraulic, auto covers are fully automated with an on/off (open/close) switch:

Some manufacturers also include an optional remote control to open and close the cover.

Not just locally here in Nebraska, but industry-wide, pools with auto covers spend less money each year on water, chemicals, heat, and electricity as well as on maintenance, service and repairs.


Whether you need to replace and/or upgrade your current automatic pool cover or if you are a first-time buyer, we can get you a great price. We offer free onsite consultation so we can inspect the pool and deck. We would then submit a bid for the new automatic pool cover, including its installation. We also offer a free orientation to teach you how to use (open and close), service, clean and maintain your new automatic pool cover.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss automatic pool covers.



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