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A service call for the pool may not be needed every year

Expert Pool Work, Inc. is industry-trained, experienced, and equipped for service calls for pools in Omaha and the surrounding areas.

If any of your pool equipment, plumbing, or other components of the pool need to re-built, repaired, or replaced, then a service call will be required. Hopefully you will not need a service call this entire season, but if you do, just schedule it and we can make sure your pool stays in service.

The service call labor rate is $100.00 per hour; the initial $100.00 fee applies regardless if the service call takes just 1 minute or the full 60 minutes. Thereafter - if the service call takes longer than one hour - the rate is billable in 15-minute increments:

More times than not - really, the clear majority of the time - we can diagnose the problem right there and then continue immediately with the service call. However, if a trip/visit is required to diagnose the problem and communicate the options to you, then a trip charge of just $40.00 will apply. This $40.00 trip charge is billable, even if you opt not to proceed with the service call.

Common service calls include:

Hopefully you won't need anything fixed this year, but if you do, we can fix it.

Please note that there is an upfront diagnosis and testing fee for the following pool equipment:

​For these listed pieces of pool equipment, there is a lot of time needed just to diagnose and test internals to determine the cause(s) for the problem. The noted diagnosis and testing fee is due even if you opt not to proceed with the service call. If you do decide to proceed with the service call, then the hourly labor rate will be charged in addition to this diagnosis and testing fee. If the diagnosis and testing as well as the service call take an hour or less - combined - then the diagnosis and testing fee will certainly be waived.

When any piece of pool equipment needs to be completely replaced, it should be upgraded (if applicable) to be properly-sized and as energy-efficient as possible.

Regardless if you need the pool equipment re-built, repaired or replaced, simply schedule a service call to help ensure your pool stays in service.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to schedule a service call.



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