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Your painted concrete pool will have to be completely sandblasted

Sandblasting is the method to remove paint from a concrete pool.

Expert Pool Work, Inc. does sandblast concrete pools in Omaha and the surrouding areas.

​It is very common to re-paint a concrete pool over and over again. As more and more paint is applied, thought, the adhering characteristics of the paint diminishes with each application. At some point, then, there will be too many layers of much so that all of the layers of paint will have to be completely sandblasted and fully removed from the concrete shell.

We can just sandblast your pool or we can handle the entire sandblast and re-surface.

If your pool is a hybrid pool - with a concrete floor and fiberglass walls - it is certainly fine to sandblast the concrete floor, but not the fiberglass walls; if there is paint on the fiberglass walls, this paint should be removed by low-pressure sodoblasting or geoblasting or perhaps even by manually stripping the paint from the fiberglass. We can handle any type of paint removal for any type of substrate. 

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss sandblasting or any other options for paint removal from your pool.



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