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A pool winter safety cover is available in attractive colors

A safety cover is used to help protect a pool once that pool has been winterized for the year.

There are two types of safety covers:

The mesh safety cover is made of mesh, which is a permeable material, so rain water and melted snow can drip into the pool. A mesh safety cover really is very easy to put-on, take-off, roll-up and store, even for just one person (but two people is still recommended). The mesh safety cover is the most common pool winter safety cover. There are two types of mesh safety covers:

The solid safety cover is made of a solid tarp-like material, but there is a mesh opening in the center of the cover that allows water to drain through the cover; even with this small square mesh opening in the center of the cover, a solid safety cover will let in less than 0.5% sunlight. While the mesh opening works most of the time, there are times when it may clog, so every pool owner with a solid safety cover should also own a submersible pump because if the mesh opening is clogged, any rain water or melted snow will puddle on the cover. If your pool has a solid safety cover, then the winterized water level in the pool has to be higher than when a mesh safety cover is used. A solid safety cover is very heavy, requiring at least 2-3 people to put-on, take-off, roll-up and store; with a solid safety cover, the more people that can help maneuver it the better. A solid safety cover is the most expensive safety cover to buy too. For a residential pool - for 95% of you - there is no need to pay a lot of money for a solid safety cover; not only will the solid cover be more expensive upfront as compared to a mesh cover, but your pool opening and closing costs will both be more expensive each year since additional laborers are needed to handle (take off or put on) a solid safety cover.

Regardless if the safety cover is mesh or solid, most safety covers come in at least green or blue (some manufacturers offer royal blue and some manufacturers offer more of a navy blue), but many manufacturers are now also offering tan and gray as well. All safety covers used to only be available in matched the grass. Then, blue was added as an available color - to mimic the color of the pool water. Within the past few years, tan and gray have also been made available match the house, the pool deck, or perhaps the landscaping.

Both types of safety covers (mesh and solid) use the same technology: there are anchors drilled-into the deck, there are springs attached to the straps of the safety cover, and the spring is secured to the raised anchor so that the pool can be covered. When the pool is in use, the anchors are purposely drilled so that they can be counter-sunk into the deck so as to not be "toe-stubbers" all around the pool deck during the pool season.

If your pool has never been covered for the winter, we can install a mesh safety cover:

If your pool is covered for the winter but your safety cover is old and beyond repair, we can replace it with a new mesh safety cover.

When your safety cover needs to be replaced, there are four criteria that need to be documented:

The goal with the replacement is to be able to use the existing deck anchors. By knowing the above-listed 4 criteria, the existing deck anchors will be able to be used with the new safety cover.

Establishing these 4 criteria is much easier for a rectangle or geometric pool shape.

If you have a free-form pool, replacing the safety cover while using the existing deck anchors is not as easy; this will likely require the submission of A-B Measurements to the manufacturer so they can make the new safety cover to the required size (to cover the entire pool) and specifications (to re-use the existing deck anchors). For A-B measurements, Point-A and Point-B will be exactly 10' from each other; additionally, Point-A and point-B will both be at least 5' from the pool edge (and again, exactly 10' spaced apart). Numerical points will then be placed all around the pool at each deck anchor. A measurement will be taken from Point-A to every anchor and then from Point-B to every anchor. So, for example, if there are 40 anchors around the entire perimeter of the pool, then there will be 80 initial measurements (40 from Point-A to each anchor and 40 from Point-B to each anchor). Other reference points would likely be measured too, such as an overall length and width as well as a few other reference measurements. Once the A-B Measurements are submitted to the manufacturer and entered into a computer program, via triangulation, the layout of the safety cover is created as a computer image so that a new safety cover - with its precise strap locations - can be made to cover the pool while re-using the existing deck anchors.

Or - regardless of the shape of the pool, the size of the safety cover, and the location of all of the deck anchors - the existing safety cover can be shipped to a safety cover manufacturer and a new safety cover can be made using the existing safety cover - and its strap locations - as a template. The safety cover manufacturers are currently offering free freight to ship the existing safety cover in to them for templating. 

Whether you need to replace your current safety cover or if you are a first-time buyer of a safety cover, we can get you a competitive price on a new safety cover. We offer free measuring. We would then submit a bid for the new safety cover, including its installation.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss winter safety covers.



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