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All pool pumps will soon need to be variable speed pumps

Effective the end of the day on Sunday 07/18/2021 - so still over 3 years away - the Department of Energy will require that all pool pumps must meet minimum efficiency standards and requirements. Based on the initial language of this federal regulation, the absolute majority of horsepower-driven pumps - regardless of the efficiency rating of that pumps' motor - will not meet the minimum allowances to be able to even be sold in US markets; in fact, the initial language is rather clear that variable speed pumps are the only pumps on the market that meet and exceed the standards and requirements to be installed on all pools, including residential pools...the pool in your backyard.​

The engineers employed by the major pool pump manufacturers - who assisted the Department of Energy in constructing this federal regulation - are already working on the math to make their horsepower-driven pumps and motors more efficient, but it really looks like the only pump that will meet the criteria of the federal regulation is a variable speed pump. This is good news for you. You need a variable speed pool pump anyways. And since variable speed pumps are no longer new to the market, their prices have lowered, so much so that it makes perfect sense to upgrade to a variable speed pump now...or by 07/18/2021 when the federal regulation is set to be enforced.

We can remove your current horsepower-driven pump (with its high monthly electrical consumption and cost) and upgrade it to a new variable speed pump (with its low monthly electrical consumption and cost).

With the exception of the overall HVAC system that heats and cools your entire house, the next highest use of energy is alone attributed to the pool pump (for those of you with a conventional horsepower-driven pump); this will not be the case if your pool is already equipped with a variable speed pump. The variable speed pumps are truly energy-efficient, as they can be programmed to operate at the minimum speed required to perform a given task for your specific pool and its equipment, such as:

Every function is completely programmable (and changeable) to ensure that any given task or function is performed at the minimum speed yet still meeting all requirements for cleaning and attaining water clarity. A variable speed pump will not waste energy (electricity), which will save you considerable money each month.

A study was performed by one pool pump manufacturer that compared their variable speed pump with one of their conventional single speed 1-horsepower pump with its energy-efficient motor. The point has to be made here that the manufacturer studied their variable speed pump versus their conventional single speed 1-horsepower pump with its energy-efficient motor) and compared them; this is a true test of the savings because the comparison is with their equipment vs their equipment.

And, both pumps used the same parameter of a 70 gallon per minute (gpm) flow rate.

And, both pumps were operated 24 hours per day.

Regardless of where you live, the electrical companies charge you based on KILOWATT usage when charging for electrical consumption each month:

While the cost will differ by state, city, time of year, time of day, etc., let's use a cost of $0.12 (12-cents) per kilowatt in a 31-day month.

For the variable speed pump:

For the conventional horsepower-driven pump with an energy-efficient motor:

In this example, it would cost over $110.00 per month for a conventional horsepower-driven pump and under $30.00 per month with a variable speed pump...that is over $80.00 saved per month, which equates to almost $1,000.00 in energy savings each year. Of course, this is for markets that keep their pools open year-round; here, the pool year is about 5 (maybe 6) months, on average.

Once the upfront expense of a variable speed pump is justified, which is easy to do, its expense can quickly be recuperated, even so much that a return will quickly be made on that upfront investment. The variable speed pump truly is the most economical and energy-efficient pool pump available.

The variable speed pumps are changing all of the rules. And they are the best pool pump on the market. And, the end of the day on 07/18/2021 - still over 3 years away - a variable speed pump will be federally required to circulate your pool water.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss your pool pump needs.



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