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All pool filters are not created equal…one reigns supreme

As the name implies, the filter is the equipment that filters the pool water; the pump draws water out of the pool and sends it to the filter, where any debris (such as dirt, particles, and any other impurities) are trapped and removed so that filtered and clean water is sent back to the pool:

There are 3 types of pool filters - each type is named after the media that is inside the filter:

A pool filter is rated on micron size, which determines the filter's capacity to trap and remove all debris from the pool water. Once micron is one-millionth of a meter, so it is very very small. When researching pool filters, the smaller the micron size, the better the filtration.

While variations are offered, the following micron-size has been attributed to the following types of pool filters:

Type of Filter Micron Size
Sand Filter 20-30 microns
DE Filter 2-5 microns
Cartridge Filter 15-20 microns

Without a doubt, the DE filter traps at the smallest micron size and undoubtedly and undeniably offers the best method of filtration for a swimming pool.

And, when you fine-tune the DE filter by properly-sizing the size of the actual filter tank to the size (gallons) of your pool, then a DE filter is even better.

So why are DE filters not more popular? Well, they are perceived to be hard to maintain...but this is simply not true.

While we work on any type of pool filter, we recommend DE filters. If your pool is equipped with a sand filter or a cartridge filter, if conditions are favorable, we can remove that current filter and upgrade it to a properly-sized DE filter; we offer a free onsite inspection and consultation if you are considering an upgrade to a DE filter...we also offer a free orientation to teach you how to use and maintain a DE filter if you do opt for the upgrade in filtration. 

Please note that if you do upgrade to a DE filter, the filter itself will have to be taken apart - at least once and maybe even twice each pool season - so that the grids and other internals can be manually cleaned. While this does have a specialty service call rate of $129.00 to include the labor and the cleanser if you want it professionally cleaned - which would be recommended - it is well worth it due to the superior filtration you'll enjoy all pool season.

We also provide services to maintain any type of pool filter:

Proper filter maintenance enhances filtration, with the end result being clean and clear water that is much easier to maintain.

While pool chemicals are often given sole credit for clear water, it's really the filter that deserves the absolute bulk of the credit. You will be so amazed - and thoroughly impressed - with the water quality when a properly-sized filter is used, especially if that properly-sized filter is a properly-sized DE filter.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss your pool filter needs.



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