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The best pool equipment is properly-sized pool equipment

Every pool must at least have a pump and a filter as its pool equipment. You don't have to spend all that extra money to buy the latest and greatest pool equipment that you saw at the local pool store or online. You simply need to pay fair market value to get properly-sized pool equipment.

While pool chemicals are often given sole credit for maintaining optimal water clarity (and sole blame when water clarify suffers), the absolute reality is that proper circulation (via the pump) and filtration (via the filter) are the real solution to maintaining highly sought-after water clarity. Additionally, proper plumbing sizes (in terms of diameter for plumbing pipe) and proper plumbing schematics greatly – greatly – assist your pump and filter. Of course, this is all contingent that the plumbing pipes, pump and filter are all PROPERLY-SIZED to work together, given the number of gallons of water your pool holds.

Most pool owners in this market have a horsepower-driven pump and a sand filter as their main pool equipment. Unfortunately, too many of you - way too many of you - have improperly-sized equipment, namely a pump that is too big (in terms of its horsepower) and a filter that is too small (in terms of its effective filtration area). Additionally, many of your pools are plumbed with pipes that are too small (in terms of their diameter); many of you have 1½” diameter plumbing, which is almost always too small for an inground pool. Even the most renowned and tenured pool chemical experts will struggle to maintain optimal water clarity in these conditions.

As a pool owner, amongst the smartest money you will ever spend for your pool is to properly-size (and ultimately re-engineer) the pool equipment - namely the pump and filter - and the plumbing. A properly-sized pump and filter alone will greatly assist with water clarity. And, as the plumbing, pump and filter are properly-sized - and correctly plumbed - your pool chemicals will be better distributed to perform their intended tasks of sanitizing, shocking (oxidizing), and balancing the water. With properly-sized equipment and plumbing, you are also far less likely to battle pool water problems, such as algae, cloudy water, discolored water, and any other detriments to water clarity.

While pool chemicals are required for water chemistry, properly-sized equipment is the real solution to water clarity.

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