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Some pool contractors in Nebraska are not really contractors

Expert Pool Work, Inc. is a Registered Contractor with the State of Nebraska, approved for all repairs and related pool work.

At first glance, there seems to be many State-approved pool contractors. Since there is no regulation in the national swimming pool industry - which alone is troubling - and since the online search engines don't ask for proof, anybody can say that they are a pool contractor. But can they prove it?

If you are discussing a leak or any type of repair with a pool company or person and they tell you that they are a pool contractor, then ask them for their Nebraska Contractor Registration Number. Ours has been #33072 since 1999 as registered by the State of Nebraska, which you can verify by calling the Nebraska Department of Labor at 402-471-2239 or by going online to for inquiries and confirmation.

When you conduct online searches, there seems to be a lot of "omaha pool contractors" and similar contractor-based searches for swimming pool work in Omaha and the surrouding areas. And all of these 'pool contractors' are all willing to help you. But are the able to help you? Are they really a trained and registered - an actual - contractor? When you compare the list of 'pool contractors' that you find within the Internet search engines with the list of actual Registered Contractors with the State of Nebraska, the list seems to dwindle and dwindle to the few of us actual Registered Contractors.

When your pool leaks or needs any type of repairs, you want to make sure that work is handled by an industry-trained, experienced, and equipped pool contractor that is recognized by the State of Nebraska for this type of extensive pool work. We meet this criteria. Plus we're good at what we do.          

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss your pool needs.



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