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Every pool should be cleaned by an automatic pool cleaner

While some pool owners find manually vacuuming their pool to be tranquil and calming, the clear majority of you dread it. If you're in the majority, then get an automatic pool will absolutely make vacuuming the pool much easier and much less time-consuming. 

There are 3 types of automatic pool cleaners:

The suction-side automatic pool cleaners utilize the suction-side of the pump; a suction-side cleaner is literally an automatic version of your manual vacuum assembly. While a suction-side cleaner is a viable automatic pool cleaner, if you're going to spend some money to get an automatic pool cleaner, then spend a little more money to get either a pressure-side cleaner or a robotic cleaner, both of which are highly recommended.

The pressure-side automatic pool cleaners utilize the pressure-side of the pump; some even use a secondary booster pump. 

A robotic automatic pool cleaner is the only automatic pool cleaner that acts totally independent of your pool pump.

While a pressure-side cleaner or a robotic cleaner will cost at or near $1,000.00 +/- installed, they are well worth the is not an expense, it is an  investment.


Whether you need to replace your current automatic cleaner or if you are a first-time buyer of an automatic cleaner, we can get you a competitive price on a new pool cleaner; we also offer free installation of any cleaner that we sell as well as a free orientation to teach you how to use, clean and maintain your new cleaner.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss automatic pool cleaners.



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