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Replacing the fabric is a common service for an auto cover

Expert Pool Work, Inc. is industry-trained, experienced and equipped to repair automatic pool covers in Omaha and the surrounding areas; this includes replacing the fabric.

Here are some recommendation for maintaining your automatic pool cover, many of which will directly prolong the life of the fabric:

If you have an automatic pool cover, it must be used (opened and closed) and maintained as the manufacturer of your auto cover suggests.

Even a well-maintained auto cover, though, will need repairs.

A common repair will be to replace the auto cover fabric (which is the actual cover). When the fabric is replaced - which will be about every 5-7 years on average - the ropes should also be replaced.

If there is a hole in the fabric, that hole needs to be patched; if it cannot be patched, then the fabric needs to be replaced, regardless of when it was last replaced.

Over time - about every 5-7 years on average - the the fabric will shrink and sag, requiring its replacement. 

Other repairs, such as repairs to the tracks, motor, mechanism, etc. may also be required, but fabric replacement will be the main repair need for any auto cover.

If you neglect basic maintenance, care and consideration, then your fabric will not last 5-7 pool seasons; it will need to be replaced sooner.

When the fabric does fail, we can replace it...and you will have your choice of many attractive colors.

You can contact Expert Pool Work, Inc. at 402-341-8132 or to discuss your auto cover needs.



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